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Our Cryptify Secure Voice over IP (VoIP) clients are used to make secure voice calls over an untrusted network. The client aims to provide and encrypted an mutually authenticated channel for VoIP calls to be made between mobile or fixed devices.


The Secure Mobile Call solution we provide consists of an end to end encryption and authentication communicating over existing mobile broadband or WiFi networks. Being able to utilize WiFi networks in addition to mobile broadband networks does not only provide extra resilience of the service available, but also a cost efficient alternative when traveling abroad.


The Management Server operates offline, i.e. is not connected to any network, and hence is completely isolated from Internet threats.


By providing each user with set of keys, MIKEY-SAKKE algorithms enable an unlimited number of users to create an encrypted and authenticated relations to any user without any online key server.


The Cryptify solution consists of the Cryptify Caller Application and three central functions; the Cryptify Management System, the Cryptify Interconnect Gateway and the Cryptify Rendezvous Server.


Cryptify Caller Application

Cryptify Caller Application is an intuitive application engineered to ensure secure calls with high voice quality can be made even when the network capacity is limited, such as in rural areas or congested urban areas.


The service can use either Wi-Fi or mobile broadband (EDGE, 3G, 4G, ..), and works in your home network and when travelling abroad.


Using the application is as easy as making an ordinary phone call or sending an SMS, yet provides the confident that the call or SMS is both encrypted and authenticated end-to-end.


Both individual and group messages are supported as well as secure file transfer by attaching files to messages.


Cryptify Caller Application is available for iPhone, Android, Samsung KNOX, BlackBerry 10, and Windows PC (Windows 10 Mobile expected 3Q2016).


All Smartphones versions have support for 3-party calls, and the Windows PC version support phone conferences.


Cryptify Interconnect Gateway

The Cryptify Interconnect Gateway enables an enterprise to connect secure calls to the office PBX, such as Microsoft Lync / Skype for business, or Cisco Call Manager. In addition to enabling secure calls to and from office/landline numbers, the secure mobile can access available PBX features such as conference calling and voicemail using tone signalling sent from the secure mobile through the gateway.


Cryptify Management System

The Cryptify Management System (CMS) is an easy-to-use desktop application that handles all sensitive information. The CMS implement the MIKEY-SAKKE Key Management Service (KMS) as a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) managed by each user organisation, e.g. a government agency, a company, or a company department.


The CMS gives each user organisation exclusive control over all their cryptographic keys and runs on an off-line computer, making it completely protected from any kind of Internet threats.


Input data to the system is either typed in by a administrator or scanned by a barcode reader. Output data is either printed on an attached dedicated printer, or encrypted and burned to a blank DVD/CD.


Cryptify Rendezvous Server

The Cryptify Rendezvous Server handles VoIP support function such as signalling for session establishment and messaging as well as relaying of encrypted media.


All communication between two Cryptify Caller Applications are encrypted and authenticated end-to-end, i.e. the Rendezvous Server does not have access to unprotected data.


As the Cryptify Rendezvous Server does not handle any unprotected data, it can be shared by several organisations in order to cut costs.


Approved for communication up to NATO RESTRICTED).

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